LIVE well. lead well. work well. 

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Live well. lead well. work well. 

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Corporate solutions that invest in the wellbeing of all your people.

Enneagram coaching

Welcome to life edit.

We help you unlock the health and wellbeing of your most valuable resource: your people. It’s frustrating when professional development and wellbeing initiatives don’t have lasting impact.

Life Edit starts at the foundations, integrating research-based strategies with the Māori cornerstones of health, to create solutions for holistic wellbeing.

Life Edit helps your people understand themselves and each other, and develop practical action plans. This unlocks meaningful work, engaged workers, and thriving workplaces.

Insights from aggregated data identify trends and areas of risk to target. Partner with Life Edit to activate your existing resources, and build tailored solutions aligned to your organisational DNA.

Life Edit solutions empower your people to Live Well. Lead Well. Work Well.

Life Edit Solutions

We partner with you to bring tailored wellbeing solutions for lasting impact, growth and sustainable change. No matter the size or makeup of your organisation, we’ll help you keep your people engaged.

Our research-based modules can be deployed independently or scaled as part of a comprehensive service. Solutions activate your existing wellbeing and people development tools. They are designed to integrate with your wellbeing and people strategy.

“Employers care for their workers, but their wellbeing and development initiatives often get lost in the noise. We help you locate, activate and integrate all the jigsaw pieces for sustainable change.” 

Dr Alexandra Muthu


Our Mission

Helping people to understand themselves, so that they contribute to excellent workplace culture and thriving high performing teams

Providing leaders with key insights into their teams, so that they can consciously lead high-performing, resilient teams towards a common goal, with authenticity

Aligning organisations with holistic drivers of a sustainable engaged workforce, so that they can deliver their strategic goals


A powerful combination of medical expertise and corporate know-how, to bring out the best in your team.

what people are saying about Life Edit

Rachel is wise and knowledgeable - it's like she was born to coach, and her passion for using a great tool to get a job done well is contagious.

She is always generous in sharing her knowledge and passion for increased wholeness - its a joy to work with her.

Petra Bagust

TV Presenter

Whether from the front of a crowded room or across a cafe table, Rachel is able to guide, delve, mirror and encourage you with vast knowledge distilled into practical and personal application. I just can’t get enough.

Louise Giles

Director, Husk

Dr Alexandra Muthu delivered a hope-inspiring and informative presentation. She was excellent at highlighting and addressing health issues and burnout, and gave me a lot to think about. This was possibly the best speaker I've heard all year.

Dr. Steve


What we offer

Organisational Analysis & Strategy

Workshops & Education

Individual Assessments & Coaching

Insights & Reporting

Live Well.

Life Edit: A research-based framework offers a specific roadmap to increase your self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication skills, leadership skills, and ability to understand and relate to others. Edit your life into alignment with passions and values, in order to bring your best self to work.

Coaching Edit: Professional coaching to bring laser-sharp focus to the key development areas unique to you.

Lead Well.

Leadership Edit: Strong self-aware leadership, conflict resolution skills, understanding systemic bias, addressing inequity, encouraging diversity and inclusion, ensuring psychological safety

Coaching Edit: Leadership coaching to embed key learnings

Executive Health Edit: Executive health checks, comprehensive one-on-one health assessments, referral navigation

Work Well.

Team Edit: Development of high-performing teams, addressing effective communication and collaboration strategies, conflict resolution, team coaching, understanding individual contribution to workplace culture, understanding the different strengths and styles others bring to the team.

Coaching Edit: one-on-one coaching to develop personalised implementation plan following the Team Edit Workshop.

Organisation Edit: Risk management, control of critical health risks, advice on duty of care under HSWA, Review of health, safety and wellbeing.

Be Well.

Health & Wellbeing Edit: Personal health and wellbeing screening, comprehensive one-on-one health assessments, referral navigation, stress management, living well at work

Executive Health Edit: Executive health checks, comprehensive one-on-one health assessments, referral navigation

Occupational Health & Wellbeing Edit: Workplace health issues, fitness for work, vocational rehabilitation, health surveillance, health monitoring, health promotion, workplace alcohol and drug issues.