Life Edit: Simplifying Your Life To Find The Gold Within

Hi there! Welcome to Life Edit, my newest blog venture, where I’ll be sharing insights from my own journey towards living a simple, uncluttered, and purposeful life.

Why do we need to edit our lives?

Life in the 21st century offers us endless opportunities to buy and do anything and everything. To the point that our houses and our lives are bursting at the seams. But being busy, overloaded and unintentional has become the new normal; we don’t even notice we’re living lives full of clutter and distraction.

We have to learn to edit. Edit our possessions, our calendars, our priorities and our relationships.

Do not have anything in your home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

The architect and designer William Morris penned these words, and they’ve become my mantra for editing; both my home, and my life.

Getting rid of the clutter in our lives enables us to see more clearly – who we are, what we’re here for, what we love.

However, the great paradox of simple living is that it’s hard work. It’s far easier to allow non-essential things to creep into our lives, than it is to live intentionally with less.

But the beauty and freedom of simplicity is worth all the hard work. I’m sold on it. So if you’d like some extra motivation, some tips, thoughts, and ideas, from my own journey, I’d love you to come along for the ride… Welcome aboard!

Rachel xx

P.S. For everyone who subscribes to Life Edit by email this week, I’ll put you in the draw to receive a free copy of “Organised Simplicity“, one of the books that spring boarded me into this journey towards simple living. And to anyone who lives in Auckland and signs up, I’ll offer a half price 3 hour professional organising consultation to kick start your simple living journey 🙂

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