Top Tips For Getting Started on the Decluttering Journey

Are you keen to sort your house out but don’t know where to start? Here are a few key tips to get you started.

Don’t start with your most sentimental possessions. We all have different things that we attach sentimental value to, whether it’s clothing, childhood possessions, things passed on by family, travel souvenirs, or our kids’ old baby clothes. Whatever those things are for you, don’t start there! That’s the hard stuff.

Don’t start in your biggest area of chaos (like the garage, kids room, or wherever you have the most junk). It’s worth reminding yourself that decluttering is hard, tiring work. Every single item you handle involves a decision. Do I keep this, throw it out, give it away, sell it? Once you’ve done that several dozen times, your brain will be pretty shattered. If you start with the biggest room, you might lose motivation before you’re anywhere near the finish line.

A great place to start is the bathroom, because you’re unlikely to be sentimentally attached to expired cosmetics. And yes, it may seem wasteful to throw out a whole lot of half used or unused expired products, but the process will likely motivate you to be more mindful of future purchases, to only buy what you truly need and will use, and to check whether you already own something before buying another one. Additionally, bathrooms are generally not too big, so you can actually make it to that finish line. And the sense of satisfaction you’ll get from tackling one room may just spring board you into taking on the rest of the house.

Schedule decluttering time. Feel like you don’t have time? Make time! Do you manage to find time to check your emails? Instagram? Facebook? If you’re serious about decluttering, schedule it in to your diary one evening a week. And just do it. Tackle one small project at a time, and you’ll get there! You’ll feel lighter and liberated by the new sense of order, space and calm. It’s so worth it.

Decluttering Tips

What’s your biggest stumbling block to getting started?

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