Why Travel is Good For The Soul

I’ve just got back from a week in Hong Kong. It was great.

Here are a few of my reflections on travel, and on why it’s good of the soul:

  • Getting away gives you the headspace to dream big, away from the daily grind of life.
  • Living out of a suitcase reminds you how little clothing and possessions you really need.
  • Shopping malls are hideous in whatever country you’re in – artificial lighting, bursting with a glut of stuff we don’t need.
  • Local boutiques are cool whatever country you’re in – they give you a taste of the local culture, a chance to meet interesting creative people, and to support local creative talent.
  • Whenever possible, walking is the best way to get around; it’s free, it gives you a good sense of the landscape and layout of the city, you discover hidden treasures that you don’t see if you take public transport, and you get exercise to burn off all the extra calories consumed in delicious food.
  • Travelling is a feast for all the senses; spectacular views, interesting smells and sounds, exotic foods and strange tastes (I ate jellyfish!). Awakening your senses has got to be good for you.
  • Escaping the cold in exchange for warmth and sunshine is a great thing once in a while.
  • Observing and experiencing another culture brings richness and perspective to your own life.

Why Travel Is Good For the Soul

It’s been a good reminder that travel is something that makes me come alive, and feeds my soul. But I know, all too well, that not every season of life allows for it. I’ve done very little travel in the last few years, and I’ve missed it.

When you’re not in a season that allows for travel, what you can do in your own city?

  • Read a guide book for your own city, and  and get out and explore it like a tourist.
  • Check out a new park / beach / cafe near you.
  • People watch.
  • Do day trips out of town – even a day away can feel like a holiday.
  • Take public transport if you usually drive. Heading into town on the train always makes me feel like I’m back in London (in a good way!).

If you’re in Auckland, what’s your favourite park / beach / cafe / place to go? I’d love to hear, and add it to my list of places to check out. If you’re not, what’s your favourite city in the world, that I can add to my “where to next” list?!

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