Smartphones: The answer to life. Or Are We Missing Everything?

Since when did it become more important to remember your smart phone on a dinner date than your manners?

My husband and I were out for dinner the other night, and I noticed a couple seated nearby. They were both on their cellphones for the entire evening. I don’t think there was a single minute that the phones went away. Every now and then one of them would stop and look up, wait awkwardly with no one to talk to, and then get back to the phone. They were glued to their devices for over 2 hours.

The only time I saw either of them smile was when they were posing for a photo when their meal came out, so they could Instagram it and show their friends what a fabulous evening they were having.

When I looked around at the other tables, there was at least one person using their phone at every table in the restaurant. And I guess this is pretty much the norm these days.

The great irony in this world of ieverything, is that in our attempt to miss nothing, we are missing so much.


I want to spend more time experiencing the moment, than instagramming it.

I want to spend more time talking to the person next to me, than texting someone who’s not with me.

I want to hear the stories that the person across the table has to tell me, rather than the latest news story.

I want to be present, and to engage all my senses to truly appreciate the moments that life offers.

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