You can’t change the world with a house full of junk: The greater purpose in decluttering

Decluttering. Love it or hate it, it’s an essential habit in the 21st century consumer society we live in. But is it worth all the effort if your entire aim is just to have a house that looks magazine worthy?

Aiming for a Pinterest perfect home will just leave us constantly dissatisfied with the mess, or constantly tidying to maintain it. Houses are for living in, not magazine displays.

Decluttering as an end in itself has limited purpose. But as a means to an end, it’s invaluable.

When your physical possessions are out of control, it’s hard to have a clear head or be genuinely productive in what you do. When your schedule is bursting at the seams, you can’t hear yourself think.

The more ruthless I’ve been in decluttering my home and my life, the more at peace I’ve felt in my home and my head. The more relaxed I feel, the more energy and headspace I have to explore other pursuits. Starting a blog a couple of years ago, for example, was borne out of my then newly decluttered home. Creating physical and mental space in our lives tends to have a far wider reaching impact than we anticipate.

Living with less stuff and less commitments allows more time, space and energy to focus on what’s truly important in life; pursuing your purpose (whether that be finding the cure for cancer or creating a great family culture), investing in friendships and relationships with others, and time to just be.

So if you’re keen to change the world, or even just have space to hear yourself think, I recommend starting with your kitchen cupboards. Who knows where you’ll end up…


This post is modified from a post originally published on ihearthome.

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