LOOK UP!!! Don’t be a Slave to your Smartphone. BE HERE NOW.

I’m sitting in a cafe, to write. But I’m surrounded by people glued to their phones. This frustrates me so much I want to scream. So can you humour me while I get up from my seat and shout for a minute?


Can you LOOK AT YOUR DAUGHTER? She wants you to see her.

Can you look at your friend?

Can you taste your food?

Can you see your lover across the table from you?

Can you feel the sunshine on your face?

Can you smell your coffee?


People. We are in a scary place.

Look up. Listen. Put away your phones.

Get unplugged. Be awake to your life. Be awake to your reality. Live. Truly live. 

Feel the feelings. The good ones. The bad ones. The sad ones. The hard ones. We are meant to feel all of them. Then, and only then, will our lives grow richer. For can we truly know courage if we haven’t felt fear? Can we truly know inspiration if we haven’t felt boredom? Can we truly know joy if we haven’t felt pain?

Live and feel fully. Be present. Let life be your teacher.

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