How perfectionism can be the enemy of decluttering

There’s a risk with decluttering, especially when you’re a perfectionist. And that’s aiming too high, or thinking you can ever get to the end. To achieve a state of decluttered perfection.

But you can’t. Life, by nature, is messy, organic, chaotic.

Trying to strive for absolute perfection will leave you in a state of dissatisfied anxiety.

I’m a reforming perfectionist, and sometimes it gets the better of me, and I go into a frenzy of organisation. Of seeking perfection. Of striving for the impossible.

So I’m working to see the beauty in the chaos. To see paint smeared across the dining table as a sign of my kids’ creativity; bikes left lying outside a reminder of green spaces we can bike to and enjoy; dishes on the bench highlighting that we have enough food to eat; piles of craft projects to be attended to a reminder of the joy of creativity; unmade beds, a reminder that we have woken up, we are alive, and have another day before us.

decluttering versus perfectionism

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