Consuming versus Community

We were created to live in community. In connection with others. It’s our number one human need.

But today so many of us live such independent, separate, isolated lives.

What are we filling the community void with? We’re filling it with stuff. Consuming to fill the space left by a lack of community.

Consuming things.
Consuming social media.
Consuming online content.
Consuming entertainment.


We need to step back from this consumption. Notice the void. Feel it. Realise it’s a sign that’s something’s wrong with society.

Realise that if we all keep consuming to fill the void, we won’t reach out to others.

I don’t have an answer to this problem. Only an observation of how the problem is currently playing out.

But maybe, as we let ourselves feel the void, we’ll take the first step towards turning this ship of mindless consumption around.

And let it propel us forward to seek more meaningful community and connection.

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