How we miss the best of life in our desperation to capture it

Photos, photos, photos. In this digital age of iEverything, most of us are drowning in them.

I’ve worked as a professional photographer – photographing weddings, interiors, families and children. Because I carry a camera around for my job, I tend to prefer not to use it on social occasions, or when I’m with my kids, as it just feels like work.

But I’ve noticed that in this digital age, many of us are so quick to pull out a camera and start snapping anything.

The great irony is, that in our desperation to capture and hold on to the present moment, we’re actually missing it. We’re trying to preserve it for later, rather than living it now.

There may be something beautiful, stunning, and REAL, happening right before our eyes, but because we’re so busy with a camera in front of our faces, we fail to truly appreciate it.

Most photos we take dilute the moment, rather than preserving it. A photo of fireworks is nothing like the real thing. A beautiful sunset looks nothing on paper, but in real life? Breath-taking.

There’s most certainly a time and place for taking photos and capturing memories. I love a good photo, and I do take a few shots at special events and celebrations, snap candid shots when something grabs my attention, and get on a creative photo taking buzz from time to time.

But I don’t ever want the camera rule the situation. I try to sit and soak up the moment, and enjoy it for what it is.

I want to be thoughtful about when I click the shutter, to be less trigger happy, and more present to the beauty of now.

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