Life versus the iPad

The insidious infiltration of the screen into every corner of our lives is disturbing. My son’s kindergarten has just installed a monstrous sized screen on the wall. And purchased a whole lot of iPads. Since when did kindergarten involve staring at a screen, rather than immersing yourself in a world of mud pies, sand castles, paint and play dough.

Technology is introduced at a younger and younger age in the name of getting our kids ready for a tech savvy world.

We’ve got to be kidding if we think that kids need to use iPads at kindy or school. Do we really think that most of them are not getting enough screen time outside of school? And if they’re truly not? All the better for them and their healthy, creative development to be relatively screen free when they’re young.

My kids don’t need to use an iPad. We have one which I use mostly for our challenging kid when he has anger outbursts and needs some form of containment. It’s effective, that’s for sure. But it’s certainly not my first choice.

Tom Hodgkinson, author of “How to Be Free”, has this to say about screens:

“Sometimes I think that life is becoming no more than staring at a screen. We stare at a screen all day at work. We stare at screens in the gym. Buses now have screens installed in them. There are screens on trains. Then we get home and stare at our computer screen before staring at the TV screen. For entertainment, we stare at cinema screens. Work, rest and play: all involve staring at screens. Screens make us into passive receivers. Smash the screen and find a pencil and a piece of paper instead. Goodbye, TV; hello, chalk! … By parading a stream of other people’s lives in front of us, screens remove the responsibility to create our own lives. We watch other people doing things instead of doing them ourselves.”

Let’s get outside and feel the sunshine on our faces, instead of looking at photos of others in the sun.

Let’s pick up real books, rather than scrolling mindlessly through trash.

Let’s spend more time in the real world, and see real life scrolling before our own eyes, rather than the virtual world of the screen.

Let’s live real.

Life on Screen

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