Spring Cleaning: where to start and why it’s good for the soul

Hooray for the first day of spring! It’s been a long winter for me, for many reasons. So I’m ready for the new season.

I love the turn of seasons, and the natural opportunity it brings for change, renewal and refreshment.

Spring is a great, and very classic season for the age old tradition of spring cleaning.

People often ask me where to start with decluttering.

If you’re embarking on a decluttering mission at the change of seasons, a great place to start is your wardrobe. Now’s the time to haul everything out, and get rid of any winter clothing that hung unused for the last few months.

  • As you look at each item, decide whether you love it, and whether it’s truly useful to you. If not, get rid of it. Be as ruthless as you possibly can.
  • If you hesitate with any item, it’s usually because there’s something wrong with it. Is that something that you can change / fix / mend / alter? If not, give yourself permission to let it go! The physical act of letting things go is liberating, and good for the soul. There’s truth to the saying, “messy house, messy mind.” By getting rid of physical possessions, we feel lighter mentally. Decluttering lifts emotional weight too, as we let go of our emotional attachments to things.

The more you can cull from your wardrobe, the lighter you’ll feel. And it will likely propel you on to clearing out other areas of your home, and your life. What things in your schedule have served you well in the past season? What’s weighed you down? Now’s the time to assess what has been de-energising you, and whether it is a necessary thing in your life.

Here’s to the new season, and to all it brings.


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