Hello! Welcome to Life Edit. I’m Rachel King.

I love editing and simplifying. Assessing not only what I’m filling my cupboards with, but also what I’m filling my time with, and my mind with.

With an honours degree in Design Engineering, I have great spacial conceptualisation and an analytical approach to solving problems. Perfect skills for decluttering your home and your life.


I also used to hang on to way too much clutter (I think most of us do, whether we admit it or not). I had to learn the long, hard way how to get away from a life of clutter accumulation. I know the stumbling blocks, the excuses you are using to hang on to stuff, and to live a complicated life rather than a simple, uncluttered one, and what you fear about getting rid of stuff. Because that was me.

But since embarking on the journey away from the clutter towards a more simplified life, I’ve discovered that the freedom of simplicity is worth all the hard work of decluttering our lives.

Do not have anything in your home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

The architect and designer William Morris penned these words, and they’re my mantra for editing; both my home, and my life.

If we want to keep our heads above water, we have to critically assess what we are filling our lives with. We have to learn to edit our possessions, our calendars, our priorities and our relationships. And uncover lives of beauty and meaning beneath all the clutter.

I present productivity seminars, decluttering workshops, and also work one-on-one as an organisational coach.  Head here for information on the packages I offer, or here to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

Rachel xx

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