Who We Are

A powerful combination of medical expertise
and corporate know-how brings out the best in your people

Dr Alexandra and Rachel are passionate about enabling people to discover healthy and holistic ways of living, leading and working.  Personal experience of burnout and challenging workplace cultures led each of them to research self-awareness, interpersonal relationships and wellbeing. Each were frustrated it was really hard work to consistently apply learnings at work. Looking around, they realised other colleagues had the same issues.
They joined forces to investigate the underlying issues. They realised many companies were investing in personality assessments, leadership training and wellbeing education without seeing sustained changes. They researched how programmes get results: Programmes must deliver a credible message. People must connect personally with the information. Insights must be brought from the training room into everyday life.
Dr Alexandra and Rachel developed the Life Edit programme to fill the void. In the programme, they synthesise complex ideas into holistic and actionable solutions. Life Edit solutions have resonated deeply with people looking for tools beyond the typical programmes. Whether from the front of a crowded room or one-on-one, Dr Alexandra and Rachel communicate with empathy and engagement, activating transformational change for individuals, leaders, teams and organisations.


FAFOEM RACP, CWO (Stanford), MInstD, MBChB, PGDipPH(dist), PGDipOM, MRO

Dr Alexandra is a Specialist Physician and Chief Wellbeing Officer in the holistic health and wellbeing of workers and organisations. She is an experienced clinician providing corporate health strategies and solutions for all your people. As a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors she has an understanding of governance best practice and the needs of a Board.


BE (hons), ICF coach, Mindfulness & Productivity coach, Enneagram practitioner

Rachel is an Executive Coach and Chief Insights Officer with extensive knowledge of systems and problem solving, combined with practical corporate experience as a Civil Engineer and workplace productivity consultant. She has extensive experience in professional coaching at all organisational levels in small and large organisations.


Healthy, high-performing individuals become high-performing leaders, and make up high-performing teams. In order to become our best selves, we need to understand who we are, what motivates us, embrace our unique strengths and acknowledge our blindspots. Life Edit is the best way to invest in your people.

Return on Investment

Integrate new insights with previous development and wellbeing initiatives into an actionable framework for lasting impact.
Improve satisfaction, reputation and retention.
Meet Health, Safety & Wellbeing at Work goals.

Value Your People

Demonstrate compassionate leadership by prioritising and valuing your people.
Uncover organisational factors influencing worker wellbeing & engagement.
Focus on specific issues with tailored solutions.

Empower & Engage

Unlock individual performance & build high-performing teams.
Champion diversity, authenticity & sustainability.
Provide development opportunities & display appreciation.

Life Edit Solutions

We partner with you to bring tailored wellbeing solutions for lasting impact, growth and sustainable change. No matter the size or makeup of your organisation, we’ll help you keep your people well.

Our research-based modules can be deployed independently or scaled as part of a comprehensive service. They are designed to integrate with your wellbeing and people strategy.

  • Holistic Wellbeing to unlock individual workplace performance
  • Developing high-performing teams
  • Enriching leadership impact
  • Enhancing communication strategies
  • Improving personal effectiveness

We’d love to partner with you to invest in the wellbeing of your most valuable resource: your people. 

what people are saying about Life Edit

Rachel is wise and knowledgeable - it's like she was born to coach, and her passion for using a great tool to get a job done well is contagious.

She is always generous in sharing her knowledge and passion for increased wholeness - its a joy to work with her.

Petra Bagust

TV Presenter

Whether from the front of a crowded room or across a cafe table, Rachel is able to guide, delve, mirror and encourage you with vast knowledge distilled into practical and personal application. I just can’t get enough.

Louise Giles

Director, Husk

Dr Alexandra Muthu delivered a hope-inspiring and informative presentation. She was excellent at highlighting and addressing health issues and burnout, and gave me a lot to think about. This was possibly the best speaker I've heard all year.

Dr. Steve