Packages and Prices

Many people are willing to spend thousands renovating their homes, but struggle to part with a few hundred dollars to renovate their clutter. For a kickstart on your simplifying journey, and to learn the best decluttering tips and tricks, a few hours with an organisational coach will be money well spent.

Below are the professional organising and coaching packages I offer, to assist you in the process of transforming your space, and your life, creating a sense of peace, freedom and creativity.

Single space $199

  • 3 hour session.
  • Perfect for tackling single projects like an office, kitchen or playroom. A great starter to springboard you into organisational mode.

2 day edit $599

  • Two 5 hour sessions
  • Transform multiple spaces, such as garages, family rooms, and other large rooms.
  • I’ll help you establish storage and organisational systems that work. We’ll work with what you have and buy only what you need.

Wardrobe edit $199

  • 3 hour session.
  • Most of us wear only 20% of what’s in our wardrobe. I’ll help you edit out the duds, and keep only those items that are useful and beautiful.
  • We’ll compile a shopping list of any items you need to complete the picture.

Schedule edit $99

  • 1.5 hour session
  • We will discuss your schedule and identify: where the pressure points are, what things can go, what things feed your soul and need to be added in, and what we can do to create a more sustainable, enjoyable rhythm to your days and weeks.

Hourly rate $70/hour – minimum booking 3 hours.

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