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Healthy workers and workplaces enable thriving cultures. We partner with you to bring tailored wellbeing solutions for lasting impact, growth and sustainable change. No matter the size or makeup of your organisation, we can help you keep your people engaged and well.

Our research-based modules can be deployed independently or scaled as part of a comprehensive service. Data from your organisation identifies risk areas to target, and ensures ROI. Life Edit solutions are designed to activate your current offerings and integrate with your wellbeing and people strategy.

Wellbeing Edit

locate, activate, integrate

Review of your current wellbeing and development initiatives. Gap analysis. Tailored solution to activate engagement and increase accessibility of learnings.

Foundation Edit

Framework for Life

Introduction to our Life Edit framework of holistic wellbeing for high performance. Integrating research-based strategies with the Māori cornerstones of health, we help your people unlock meaningful and sustainable work alongside life balance and alignment.

Enneagram coach

Focus Edit

Hot Topics

Practical, expert-led insights into hot topics: overwhelm, stress & burnout, energy, sleep, menopause, psychological first aid, mentally healthy work, crisis support, movement, nutrition, community, health awareness months (e.g. heart health, cancer). 

Development Edit

Insights for performance

Building on Foundation Edit, a deeper dive to refine individual action plans and unlock high performance. Discover motivations, strengths, challenges and impact on others to build self-awareness, EQ and alignment.

Leadership Edit

Self awareness and EQ

Building on Foundation Edit, develop conscious compassionate leaders and workplace psychosocial safety. Lead with self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Champion diversity, authenticity & sustainability to enable a thriving culture and high-performing teams.

Enneagram coach


thriving teams

Building on Foundation Edit, teams understand each other and learn to communicate, collaborate and resolve conflict effectively. Strengthen team wellbeing when navigating organisational change. Provide development opportunities & display appreciation.

Work Edit

FOCUS, energy & Productivity

Reduce distractions, overwhelm and inefficiencies. Strengthen mental focus, clarity and prioritisation. Unlock workflow & workload strategies for meaningful & sustainable performance.

Enneagram coaching

Health Edit

invest in health

Health screening and health promotion for your people. Identify individual risk factors and opportunities for improving wellbeing and safety at work. Support developing action plans for physical and mental health. Referrals to treatment providers where appropriate.

Enneagram coaching

Organisation Edit


Strategy, KPIs & reporting, trend & aggregate data, infrastructure & systems for worker and organisational wellbeing. Meet Health, Safety & Wellbeing at Work goals.

Praise for our sessions and
workshop events

Rachel’s clear, concise and thorough knowledge of the Enneagram shone through during our team workshop. We covered a lot of fascinating ground without being overwhelmed, and our team is already ‘speaking the language’ – using insights from Enneagram in our daily interactions that has brought powerful change.

Workplace Team Workshop

The workshop was superb! Dr Alexandra Muthu delivered a hope-inspiring and informative presentation. She was excellent at highlighting and addressing health issues and burnout, and gave me a lot to think about. This was possibly the best speaker I’ve heard all year.


Life Edit Workshop

Rachel is a compelling communicator who is entirely invested in seeing others flourish and thrive. She has a unique ability to connect with her audience whether it be one on one or in a group setting, championing her clients on to be the best version of themselves!


Enneagram Group Workshop